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Leather stuff

So I finally got the last of the basic tools I need for leatherworking stuff. Suddenly leather designs have become so much easier to make, and turn out far better than what I'd been doing previously.

This is a picture I did as a commission for Bakel. Compared with my older stuff -

This is so much fun to work with. I'm really keen to do more of these, but no one else was interested in commissions, despite people previously expressing interest. I guess that was quite a while ago though >.>
I suppose from someone who does not usually take commissions, I may be asking a bit much to begin with. While it took almost eight hours to complete, it seems you can expect to be paid almost nothing for jobs you actually enjoy, at least at first.
If anyone is interested at all, I am very keen to take more. Thinking I will also take smaller 13cm commissions for $35?

I am hoping to get more leather some time soon to begin working on much bigger projects. Until recently, I've generally been bogged down with school, or other work. And suddenly, some free time :O! And so much stuff I want to do, but most of the projects will take some time to get started.
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