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Leather stuff

I forgot about these...

Some leather pendants and wrist cuff I made a while back, which were all sold at a small local wargaming convention.
I will get back into leatherwork eventually. After burning myself out with the endless leather commissions I kinda decided to take a break for a while to work on other things. Namely drawing and painting practice, and costume stuff somewhat. One day I'll get around to actually making some leather armour ><
I quite liked the outcome of the wrist band, so I might do more of these once I can afford to get some thinner leather for it.

Trying to get back into drawing more again has been kinda frustrating. Things don't "flow" as easily as I seem to remember, and I'm stuck re-doing poses and details for ages before I can produce something that looks decent.
I have a lot to work on. I really want to use this year to get myself up to some kind of decent standard, explore things which I have neglected to do so for so long. I feel like I have to start from scratch again to progress from where I am.
At this point I think I have mostly identified my goals for the immediate future, now I've just got to work towards them.
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