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Was looking through old sketchbooks recently. I found a bunch of stuff that I'd like to finish (but probably never will). I'll scan post some of the older stuff here I think, there's quite a lot I still kinda like but totally forgot about.

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It seems I have a massive scientology advertisement glaring out at me from LJ as I post this.


Recently went down to Queenstown for a week, got back last thursday. Was such an awesome trip, I went hiking up mountains almost every day, and kayaking. I love the south island, mountainous and rocky, with entirely different biodiversity.
I really like the more cold adapted plants. So many coniferous trees, and the pine forests are interesting even if they're a massive pest. I found many edible plants you would not see in Auckland, wild cherries, walnut, gooseberries, and further into central Otago, entire landscapes were covered in thyme. I have been reading about edible natives and others too, really if you know what to look for, its hard to go hungry anywhere that has plants growing.

I really miss being there, already. I would love to live somewhere like Queenstown, but generally the towns in the south island seem too small and.. limiting. Canada is beginning to look more appealing, but that wouldn't be for many years and I have much research to do.

Otherwise I found amazing vanilla incense which is like crack to me, driftwood, beads, animal skeletons beneath nearly every rock in Alexandra, and Queenstown has much more interesting bars than Auckland. I doubt anyone really cares, but I'll post some photos here anyway.

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I was looking through older photos on my phone and found some interesting things! Including some stuff from a few weeks ago, some chalking "flash mob" I went to.
Despite the supposedly hundreds who would turned up, the result was more like 50 - 60 people overall.

Here are some of the things I did there -
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Leather stuff

So I finally got the last of the basic tools I need for leatherworking stuff. Suddenly leather designs have become so much easier to make, and turn out far better than what I'd been doing previously.
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I think I will begin using this thing again more, as a blog for the art related happenings at my school, and arts I won't post elsewhere.
Also various explorations and adventures.. there's a bit of that, occasionally.
So I may as well start with a recent point of interest.

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Holy crap?!1

I just sat down and actually drew something for myself for the first time in.. weeks?

Slightly liberating. But of course it's crap that will never be finished. :)

Back to commissions and costuming shiz now.
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