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I think I will begin using this thing again more, as a blog for the art related happenings at my school, and arts I won't post elsewhere.
Also various explorations and adventures.. there's a bit of that, occasionally.
So I may as well start with a recent point of interest.

It wasn't me doing the army training. Though we were training, at the army base, as work experience as part of class.
My class had the job of creating the burns, cuts, grazes, massive gaping wounds etc on ourselves and roleplay as hurt, delerious, or dead people to simulate real scenarios for the army dudes in training. It was set in an old derelict building they had on site. Very interesting place in itself, and surrounded by dead birds. We later found out this was from poision they had laid, presumably for rats.
Anyway, for the training, I got assigned the position of "cupboard person", because the wounds I had done up on myself were relatively minor compared to what many others had. I got to sit in a crusty cupboard and wait to see if they'd find me. The first group did so promptly, and took me outside to be treated. Amusingly, the guy bandaging my arms mistook my actual stitches as being part of the setup. Harr.
Other students had some more interesting roles. One of my friends had a table laying across him, fake intestines attatched to his abdomen, with a tube fitted to allow voluntary blood squirting action. Most really got into their role, it was lots of fun despite a nasty sunburn.

Another thing that caught my attention was the scrawl over some walls and doors of the decaying site. Cursing the "army cunts" for locking the doors, and depriving someone of their home there.

Wish I'd got more photos though..

I have a fair bit of art related things I will be posting here soon enough. I apologise to anyone who may have noticed my disappearance from internet land recently, there are a few of you who I hope to catch up with shortly.
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