Dead Dragon (zarathus) wrote,
Dead Dragon


Finally got a couple of mask commissions out of the way, so I can move on to the drawing commissions I have, and.. other mask commissions. Joyous.

So yeah, was commissioned to mask two faun masks. Didn't get paid much, so the quality isn't as great as I would have liked. Eventually I'll make some horns that are smooth and shiny looking, fiberglass takes a shitload of sanding to get looking nice.

I am excited about my next mask project. Am getting to make a full head detailed latex wolf mask.
I've been experimenting with chainmaille a bit recently too, whenever I get around to making the leather armor I'll try to incorporate some chainmaille into it.

Aside from that things are.. things. The past weekend provided an excellent break from usual monotonous crap. Went to see Kyuss live, which was pretty good. I discovered the upstairs of the venue had far less people, so I got a good view. I find their music horribly nostalgic though.

The next night I went camping out at Karekare/Whatipu. It was amazing, and an interesting contrast to the busyness of the previous night indoors crowded among so many people.
There was no one else around, almost a full moon, and beautiful surroundings. Went for a wander in the moonlight across the maze of sanddunes down to the beach. The camp site is right next to a swamp/lake at the base of a cliff, so there were a few wetlands birds around to watch too.
I would like to go camping again next full moon depending on the weather, maybe with more people along.

I got a few photos but most of them didn't turn out so great. I'll post a couple anyway.

Walking along the beach, out towards the campsite which was situated just below the hills in the distance. The campsite itself is right next to a small tunnel which used to run along a tramline between Whatipu and Karekare in the late 1800s. Most of the remains of the tramline have been buried now, but you can still generally make out where it used to run.

And looking back towards Karekare beach. We got there just before sunset.

I guess things are pretty decent at the moment. Slowly reading up on potential ways to tackle health issues, trialing various dietary changes to see if I notice any difference. I am trying to cut out refined and quick energy releasing carbs from my diet and cut back on caffeine.
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