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Dead Dragon
Well I've finished doing the latexing stage of my first latex mask. It didn't come out quite as planned, there are parts of it (mainly the neck flap) that don't fit to your skin properly. Still have a lot to do on it, painting and lining the insides, as well as some trimming here and there.
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I finally got around to attatching the aluminium claws I made, to the glove that I (badly) modified to look more paw-like. These are rather flimsy, and crudely made. I'm currently wondering how I might go about making some of better quality. These are basically a proptotype, as was the mask. I feel I now have a better understanding of how to make both, but I have yet to dabble with the mediums which would improve these.
But despite their crappy quiality, they feel really good to wear. I like having claws. And I like the look of these, metal claws are awesome.

Been spending a lot of my time working on various arthings while watching countless documentaries on stuff. I am liking this combonation of activities. Here is some stuff I have done lately..

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On the 12th of December, I will be heading over to Australia with Durin and Stepwolf, to attend the fur con going on there, Midfur.
I will be selling artwork there, mainly originals that I'd like to get out of my sight. Over the past couple of weeks I've been looking through sketchbooks for older, unfinished work of mine that can be fixed up and sold. So much easier than trying to draw up many new pictures, and it finally gives me an excuse to finish this old crap.
I've tried to stick to a more, uh, "furry friendly" theme for what I will be selling there. I'm not sure if my other work would get such a good reception.
Mainly its the curiosity factor driving me. It's a small con, so I know I won't be doing big business, but it should be an interesting experience. I've never tried to sell my art in such a manner before, I haven't found anything in NZ that allows for that.
Anyway, here's some of the pictures I've drawn for it. There will be more posted as I finish them. Sorry for the poor quality, took all the pictures with my camera..

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I have finally completed my mask after a few months of work. I may still touch up some of the colors, but otherwise it's done. I have mixed feelings about how it's turned out. The result is far from what I'd originally had in mind.

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Okay, I think I am due for an art post, since I have a bit of art that I don't feel like posting on DA. There is more, but that won't get posted here.
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